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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    The news section on our Home Page will no longer be used for promo announcements/adverts!

    This will come to a great relief for some, but more importantly, it will allow us to convey the importance of 'real' site news. Most of what you can find here will also be able to be found in our Announcement or Bitsoup forum as everything can't stay front page news forever.

    We will use our announcement system for promo advertising and brief messages, while using our Home Page 'news' section for more lasting events and important issues like site updates and whatnot.

    Hope you like the changes and the direction we're heading in serving our community better.
    The home page like many others area of the site will be reworked going into our 2015 season.

    -On Behalf of the Bitsoup Staff-