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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Hey guys
    Well I don't get out much anymore so long time since I've been talking to you guys trough these nagging and sobby PM's. Well I guess I just got to now.

    First of all, it's nice to see how well we stay together as a community. Looking at the forums and a couple of threads I have started on some relevant discussions, I am very glad to see that there are people on site that appreciate the work that we do, willing to learn some skills and already have some good expertese in encoding and other things.

    We also have some nice additions this month and the time before: H'N'R fix and let's not forget, our advanced TV upload bot. Yes, as you have already seen, our downloads section is now getting staggered with over 45+ TV shows and we try to add more as we go along. This has been long asked for and as usual we do our absolute best to make it happen. That being said, things likke this, couldn't happen without you guys, our loyal donators that made this possible technical wise. Now, I know I'm heading that way again but to keep this thing going, we need to reach our goal. Now we have a substantial ammount of users on board and I don't wish to rely on the same generous people all the time. We are a community and also in that area we need to stick together. Servers and some special code development for these things cost money. It also gives us the opportunity to expand our content and draw in some new blood. A tracker with lot's of content has a lot to offer I'd say. So please I ask you in the nicest way I can, even if it's just 5 GBP, please do all you can. It will be more then appreciated.

    Kind regards
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