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    2016. április 14.
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    To further enhance the strength of CHDBits, CHDBits subtitle group is now for all members to recruit, as follows:
    First, the need to recruit staff
    1, subtitle proofreading staff
    2, subtitle translators
    3, subtitles production staff
    4, subtitles production staff

    II, the content of the work Brief introduction
    1, subtitle proofreading
    Subtitle proofreading of the main work of text and timeline proofreading, at present, the subtitles on the network varies greatly, in order to ensure the quality of the work, proofreading work is essential.

    2, subtitle translation
    Subtitle translation is mainly the English subtitles translated into subtitles in Chinese, subtitles in other small languages temporarily not considered.

    3, subtitling
    Mandarin subtitles production mainly refers to the production of subtitles in Mandarin pronunciation, methods include listening and OCR after proofing and so on.

    4, special effects subtitles production
    Special effects subtitles production is mainly directed against hard movie subtitles in foreign production of the corresponding Chinese subtitles, and Chinese subtitles display the subtitles of the film and the display effect of blending, enhance the viewing experience.

    Third, the application requirements
    1, love subtitles work, and have enough patience, subtitling technology is simple but boring, there is no patience.
    2, spare time, subtitles work more time-consuming.
    3, the registration subtitles proofreading work needs to have a good language proficiency, can be found obvious typos and other mistakes.
    4, subtitles need to apply for subtitles work better English proficiency, and have some common sense of the movie.
    5, Mandarin subtitles production staff need to be passionate Mandarin dubbing.
    6, special effects subtitles temporarily recruited only experienced, novice no sign up.

    Fourth, other
    1, subtitles group to allow novice registration, enrollment can provide training, but if there is no result within 15 days will be dismissed.
    2, once admitted subtitles group, you will have the right to become powerful Exemption from death and other regular monthly payment based on workload invite magic
    Please wait treatment.
    3, Interested parties, please join QQ173367038
    4, omissions and elucidation, CHDBits subtitle group has the final say.

    CHDBits subtitle group