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    Previous announcements have highlighted the tremendous—and visible—efforts of staff and forum moderators, but most What.CD Team members work behind a curtain of secrecy to assist staff in the pursuit of perfection. Delta Team channels its energy into rules and editing discussions, helping staff hone drafts of ideas and generating plenty of their own. Initially conceived of as a think tank, Delta Team still operates in approximately that capacity three-and-a-half years later. Build Team members work closely with Developers to craft new—and improve existing—features. While it's unlikely that you spend much time thinking about these teams, it's highly likely that they have improved your What.CD experience.


    weisguy's Delta Team Pick

    Northcape - Exploration and Ascent

    Genre: Electronic, Downtempo

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72491733

    Review: "This album made me think of the mighty Boards Of Canada and their seminal classic "Music Has The Right To Children" … the warmth of the synths … the skittering beats … it was almost an instant connection and, if I am truly honest, I cannot think of a greater compliment… Yes, I do love this album and look forward to long, lazy Sunday afternoons … out in my back garden or in a park … with this album providing the soundtrack to the moment. It has that kind of vibe about it … the deservedly relaxed feel you get when you kick back after a hard day’s work."

    Threemosphere's Delta Team Pick

    The A.K.s - Knee Deep in the Dead

    Genre: Punk, Hardcore, DC

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=71882808

    Review: The A.K.s are the greatest band you've never heard. Unless you grew up in DC in the mid-2000s, The A.K.s never graced your ears. But it's not too late to put on the fucking unreal album and thrash around. You're going to hear it and be really unsure if it's serious, but let me assure you they really are. The cult classic Divorce Court is the anthem of this band. In which it's screamed, "I LOVE DIVORCE COURT. FUCK DIVORCE COURT. BUT I REALLY HATE THE REDSKINS." Really something there. It goes right up there with "IF YOU ARE NOT PUNISHED, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED" featured on their second release. So bleak. The album is full of songs about war, nerf guns, hating everything, money even more.

    I bring this album to light because it means so much to me. The A.K.s had the most energy of any band I've ever seen live. Truly explainable. But sadly they will not play again because one of their 2 vocalist Alexi Peterson past away in early 2014. So this is a shout out to a man who changed my life and has given me some of the most fun I have ever had. If you enjoy this album, really message me I'd love to hear it. RIP, LONG LIVE THE AKs.

    ars3nic's Delta Team Pick

    Nice Hooves - Nice Hooves

    Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Noise

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72516873

    Review: The incredibly loud and noisy debut album of Detroit rock band Nice Hooves. The quintet brings together elements of hardcore punk, noise rock, and modern metal for a series of tracks that are both hard hitting and melodic. Comprised of four members of Detroit hardcore powerhouse The Armed with Dave Graw (formerly of Bang! Bang!) on vocals, Nice Hooves set out on a musical journey that is fast, aggressive and relentless, yet absolutely unafraid of settling into the occasional musical groove.

    The record is loaded with fast, brutal bursts on hardcore aggression, beginning with the open of the first track "Hand of Man", where Graw unleashes a vocal assault intent on dealing maximum damage on anyone with earshot. But also immediately apparent is the bands musical proficiency, with a solid groove laid on top of a foundation of driving percussion so tight you could bounce a billiard ball off it, and so tough that it wouldn't feel any pain if you did so.

    fluchtreflex's Delta Team Pick

    Croatian Amor & Lust For Youth - Pomegranate

    Genre: bubblegum.industrial

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72493340

    Review: Sex Music / Bubblegum Industrial 2013

    For the long walks home.

    BlitzkriegBob's Delta Team Pick

    ZSK - From Protest to Resistance

    Genre: Punk, Melodic Hardcore, Skate-Punk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72368502

    Review: Angry and highly political punk with songs in English and German. Relatively melodic vocals. If you like Anti-Flag you should give these guys a try. If you don't you'd still give 'em a try.

    Deadmarsh's Delta Team Pick

    Faunts - Feel.Love.Thinking.Of

    Genre: alternative, indie, electronic, dream.pop, post.rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=377507

    Review: "...With its effervescent guitars, mathematic loops and synthesizers, surging drums, and seemingly nomadic bass lines, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. is a fluidic expression of Faunts' painstaking attention to instrumentation and arrangement which allows the buoyantly defiant mood of the record to transverse any one song in particular..."

    winslow100's Delta Team Pick

    The Eastern Dark - Where Are All The Single Girls?

    Genre: Punk, Alternative, Australia, 1980s

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=90598

    Review: With a mix of Sixties-via-Ramones pop smarts, hard rock crunch and punkish energy, their slim output has produced a world-wide cult awareness. If they're not quite as well known as other Sydney groups of the period like the Hard-Ons or Beasts Of Bourbon, it's because a tragic, on-tour road accident claimed the life of singer/songwriter and guitarist James Darroch. -- halfacow.com.au

    theremin's Delta Team Pick

    Poi Dog Pondering - Pomegranate

    Genre: Folktronica, Folk.Rock, Soul

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=722563

    Review: In a perfect world, Poi Dog Pondering would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, the 25th year since their first recording. Their mixture of folk and rock in the late 80's and early 90's (culminating in 1992's Jerry Harrison produced Poi Dog Pondering - Volo Volo) would have sold millions of copies, starting a renaissance in the genre. Three years later, when they released this masterpiece, which has a more etherial, electronic vibe, it would have spawned massive hits in "Complicated" and "Diamonds and Buttermilk", and "Catacombs" would have increased the birthrate of the world 10x over.

    Kenny_AF's Delta Team Pick

    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing!

    Genre: Metal, Avant-Garde, Experimental

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=21681

    Review: Beautiful and disturbing at the same time, like a dead child's wind-up music toy going off inexplicably in the dead of night.

    sayswho's Delta Team Pick

    Frank Bretschneider - Rhythm

    Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Glitch, Abstract, IDM, Minimal

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=77237

    Review: Rhythm proves once again that Raster-Noton’s reputation for being dry, academic and inaccessible is thoroughly undeserved. Bretschneider’s latest demonstrates that exploiting reduction as a technique does not, by definition, exclude funk and richness from the vocabulary. Using an incredible economy of means, Bretschneider has created a powerful album that taps in to the deep dub that has always been present (and all the more powerful for being in the shadows) on Raster-Noton, as well as the power of big, breathing bass.

    Bezvezenator's Delta Team Pick

    Dax Riggs - We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love

    Genre: Alternative, Rock, Blues rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=73300

    Review: Sputnikmusic | Music Reviews, Music News wrote: Step in 2007’s We Sing of Only Blood or Love, Riggs’ first foray as a solo artist. This is definitely a rock album, but one more stooped in the blues tradition rather than the menacing sludge metal that was Acid Bath’s forte. It hints of the stylistic departure Mark Lanegan made on his solo records when compared to his work with Screaming Trees, smoky barroom blues rock that manages to insert a few left field surprises thanks to the charisma and personality of the frontman. This isn’t entirely dissimilar in tone to Riggs’ earlier projects, as you’ll occasionally hear the heavy undertow of an Acid Bath or Agents of Oblivion, but it is certainly less amplified. It consciously looks to traditional blues to provide a backdrop for Riggs’ dark lyrical tales but retains a sense of personality thanks to its aesthetic variety and enigmatic vocal presence. While it might be nice to see Riggs back in a full-fledged rock or metal band someday, this was a very solid first step in the solo direction and provides an interesting new framework for Riggs to explore his vocal acumen.

    DeepseaTorpedo's Delta Team Pick

    Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots

    Genre: Jazz

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=69283

    Review: One of the many Mingus' albums worth a listen. A very fun listen.

    EmJizzle's Delta Team Pick

    Classics of Love - Classics of Love

    Genre: ska, hardcore.punk

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72134282

    Review from Punknews.com: "I think a lot about the powers that be," Jesse Michaels dryly announced to the audience at a recent concert in Santa Cruz, Calif. "I fucking hate them." On Classics of Love's self-titled LP, Michaels makes that sentiment in the most direct and energetic way of his entire career.

    onionjack's Delta Team Pick

    The Cleaners from Venus - Return to Bohemia

    Genre: alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock, power.pop, post.punk, lo.fi, pop.2010s

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72773334

    Review: This is one of those albums pop fanatics dream of. A collection of songs that - once one gets past the initial "wow!", and this may take a long time – picking a favourite from will be endlessly debated. It would be hard to imagine a finer record released this year. And the composer knows it too. The sleeve notes on the promo read "These songs of quality were written, played, and produced by Martin Newell on a Tascam Pocketstudio, using real musical instruments." If you're familiar with our Quietus interviews with the ever-entertaining Mr. Newell, you will know how much importance he places on The Song, finding the state of that artform today highly lamentable. And as evidenced by last year's report of Martin's coming back from being literally dead for a few moments, these past eighteen months have seen the Wildman of Wivenhoe besieged by numerous health problems. The whole experience was a major catalyst for how well Return to Bohemia turned out – "If this was gonna be the last record, it was going to be a fucking great one." Thankfully he is well on the mend now, and this promise did indeed deliver.

    pears's Delta Team Pick

    Koenraad Ecker - Ill Fares the Land

    Genre: Electronic, Drone, Experimental, Dark Ambient

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72669864

    Review: A murky collection of unsettling drones, melodies, and rhythms, drawn from disparate sources.


    DutchDude's Build Team Pick

    Bonobo - Black Sands

    Genre: downtempo, electronic, trip-hop, chill out

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=722458

    Review: DutchDude wrote: I first heard Bonobo - The Keeper (Banks Remix) on a TV show. I immediately downloaded all his albums. No regrets.
    BBC wrote: There was little in Bonobo’s first two albums – 2000’s Animal Magic and 2003’s Dial ‘M’ For Monkey – to suggest that Simon Green could ever craft anything as grand, expansive and accomplished as Black Sands.

    guitarman0831's Build Team Pick

    Amaranthe - Massive Addictive

    Genre: Power Metal, Metal

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72811620

    Review: This is as melodic as metal can get. Known for their catchy vocals and melodic choruses, Amaranthe killed it with this album. From Elize's sexy voice to Olof's shredding guitar solos, this album is massively addictive from start to finish.

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