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    Intimacy Expert - Angel's Fellatio Secrets GB

    GB Thread - http://theplace.bz/forums.php?action...opic&topicid=4...

    Sales Page - http://angelseroticsolutions.com/

    As Intimacy Expert, Angel teaches a host of creative and amazing intimacy techniques and is well-known for her unique fellatio techniques which is known to make man cum in less than 5 minutes.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbCScZ-KWkU
    </a>" title="YouTube video player" class="restrain" id="yui-gen37">

    [YOUTUBEhttps://Angel Grapefruit Technique - YouTube

    Angel’s Fellatio Secrets (DVD) - $24.95

    My techniques will make him cum in 5 mins or less. DVD filled with over 10 techniques.

    This DVD is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s designed for the woman who wants to enhance her love making skill. Women have told me how these techniques have increased their confidence and even saved their marriages! You are investing in your relationship by using these techniques. “Angel’s Fellatio Secrets” is a classy way for women, couples or a group of friends to learn new methods taught by a relationship expert.

    *Ten Fellatio Techniques

    *Interview with Angel and she tells all

    *How to Squirt

    *Painless Anal Sex and Much More

    Angel Teaching Home Is Where The Heart Is Vol. 1 (DVD) - $26.95

    Sexual Fantasies allow us to escape from the frustrations and limits of our everyday lives. The range of our imaginations are almost limitless so, please sit back and enjoy Angel Teaching.

    *Advanced Fellatio techniques with fantasies

    *Includes the Death Technique

    Angel’s Secrets (eBook Download) - $14.95

    Inside the Journey from Pain to Orgasmic Pleasure

    Angel’s Secrets is a ground breaking book designed to let you know how Angel overcame numerous personal obstacles to now having a life filled with love and passion, and how you can experience it as well. This book will help you in the development of your sexual knowledge and the enhancement in your relationship by exploring and revealing some of life’s greatest sexual pleasures and myths.

    *Angel teaches the “Art of Fellatio” and how this saves relationships

    *Knowledge of your Sexual Anatomy and How to get the most Pleasure from it

    *100 questions on sex and relationships and the most common myths

    *Much, much, more

    Testimonials from Angel's customers

    Tracy N. 3/2014:

    He said My head game is WAAAAYYYYY better

    He was following me around the house like Ms. Ceely did Shug Avery on the color purple lol. He told me to tell you hello and thank you. He said my head game is WWWAAAAYYY better now and I totally blew his mind wit the fellatio secrets dvd. I thought I was doing the damn thing before the dvd but we read some of the book together and u mentioned a few times about communicating being important so I asked him to be totally honest with me about some of the things I’m lacking in the bedroom cuz if I don’t know and I think I’m doing the damn thing I’m going to keep doing it. Well he told me he didn’t like my head game and he doesn’t like how I ride his dick.

    I always knew I was whack at riding so feel free to e mail me any skills about riding and sex moves and techniques *:tef344: winking but now he’s in love with my head game and I owe it all to you. Now he be done in five minutes but it was so good to him that after each time he was finished he would wait about 20 minutes and want some more. I gave it to him a total of 3 times and I’m never gonna tell him no in the bedroom so I gave him what he wanted.

    He really loved how I was touching, licking and kissing all over his body on the spots that you suggested on the dvd. It was amazing listening to him moan and seeing him squirm like that. I felt so good and so confident during and after wards just knowing I’m pleasing him. He deserves good loving because he’s a great guy.

    That figure 8 wasn’t no joke. His reaction to when I 1st started made me think he was hurting him cuz I never heard him moan like that. I stopped and asked him did it hurt and He was like HELL NAW keep going! I’m telling u, in no time he was as hard as a missile, I had to stop and talk dirty to him a few times cuz he kept trying to finish before I completed the techniques. We really enjoyed ourselves cuz it was fun, I was buzzing and it was different.

    Now, the funny part is the grape fruit technique, I used a big naval orange cuz the grocery store around the corner didn’t have individual grapefruits they only had the pack for $5 so I got the orange for $1. but anyway he was not feeling it cuz he couldn’t see and he kept laughing asking me what is that and he was getting hard then soft then hard again and laughing so I asked him did he want me to stop so I kept the blind fold on and put it up to his nose so he could guess what it was and he kept saying I don’t know I just smell citrus. It was so funny because I asked him what did it feel like and he said it felt like something dissolving on his dick. lol I guess the orange was too mushy. I’m going to send you some pics of us probably tomorrow because I just got a new phone and he’s going to send them to me when he gets a chance. He’s out right now trying visit as many as his friends and family as he can before spring break is over and he goes back to school.

    DaNa from Chicago:

    Hi Angel, I have your DVD! My boyfriend is like my servant now! Your DVD has increased our sex life immensely. It’s changed me, like when I first start reading Zane books. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!