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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    You may have noticed the torrents are being uploaded and they are not being modded for example missing descriptions and a standard poster.Why is this.

    The reason is we sometimes have well over a 1000 torrents uploaded a day.We have been having a string of bad luck with our staff having personal problems.

    For example testdriver has had an operation and is out for who knows how long.
    Wiffie has stepped down to take care of him.
    Allysia is out having a difficult pregnauncy.
    Sunny is on vacation most of the time.They got a new mobile home cruiser lol
    Anonomous works during the day.
    M00gs schedules have changed so he is not able to get on as much
    MRwmg8 is just mia.
    Also there are various more illnesses through our staff.
    In the years past I have never modded torrents but I tried to edit them 4 to 6 hours
    a day plus I work and also have to take care of 4 4tb servers and 2 servers for our site.
    Poor anonomous would come on in the evening and spend every minute of his time modding 500 torrents and thats if I had tried to do them earlier.Any of the staff that came on would try to edit some of them but it had become a major job.An endless one.They had no time at all to enjoy the site and do any of there other dutys.So I had to code it so the torrents would upload to the categories themselves and added a generic poster.
    Some may have a description and some may not.

    This is the way it has to be for a little while until we get some of our staff healed or new staff added who are not afraid of work.

    I am not sure if you understand the feeling of coming on a site and seeing hundreds of torrents to edit and sometimes it makes you even think badly of the other staff because you think maybe they are sitting on there thumbs.Its not fair.

    So we ask for now if you do not see the description go here and find it your self http://twilights.org/imdb/index.html

    you will find this shoutcut under the torrents dropdown menu that say search imdb.Its quick and easy and gives you the info on the movie.The search is coded very well to even give you close names of a movie if you search by name.

    Thank you for your patience.When things change back we will let you know