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    2016. április 14.
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    We have a few updates for everyone on our progress with migrating to a new site. Based on the poll vote, we have gone ahead with trying to rebuild as much of MTV as possible and the data collection for that has been completed. Work is still underway on the new site, we unfortunately do not have an ETA when it will go live yet, however, we are close to getting all our staff on the test site to help speed up debugging. Now to set expectations, our goal is to launch an acceptable site with torrents & users as soon as time allows. Once that is live, work will continue to produce a modern, feature rich site that everyone has always wanted.

    Here are a few things we have underway:

    • Data for users, forum, requests & collages has been collected
    • The data is currently being securely rebuild on a blank gazelle database and that will be used to port into the new site
    • Auto-parsing / fetching media metadata for TV has been completed
    • The torrent page is undergoing modification to correctly display the metadata
    • Porting of MTV's current stylesheets is underway, which is requiring a great deal of css fixes
    • Implementing Jackett's API is being looked into to solve our current issues with download apps
    • The final part will be to redesign the upload page and create a show page to organize each series