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    2016. április 14.
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    Recently, there have been some (re)uploads of neo-nazi albums. There has been a lot of discussion on the forum since then, over if we should allow it or not on Orpheus. The staff have discussed this difficult topic and the decision was unanimous.

    First, we discussed if we should allow neo-nazi content. From there, we discussed other hateful music, since it seems like that's the root of the issue. As you might guess, the more it was discussed, the more complicated it became on how to enforce and define. Our view is that Orpheus is a library, and censorship, no matter how disagreeable the content may be, is not the route we want to take.

    We are choosing to allow all music and anything related to music on Orpheus. We feel that going down the path of censorship would cause more conflict and lead to more questions about what to censor and what to allow.

    That said, we also understand and want to do what we can for people who may be offended by this decision. We plan to introduce a tag that can be added to offensive music. That way you can manually filter out content you don't wish to see. This may be set to hidden by default as well, similar to how other trackers handle offensive/adult content.

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