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    What.CD enjoys a terrific standard of community participation, and this strong tradition of volunteerism is one of our defining traits. Beyond the work done by staff, a number of organized and dedicated teams of users are responsible for overseeing key site operations. Whether they're assisting their fellow users by providing technical support, moderating the forums, conducting interviews, writing code, drafting tutorials, or performing any of the other, sometimes thankless tasks which allow What.CD to thrive, our team members deserve our appreciation. Over the next few days, we'll be celebrating these teams in a series of announcements highlighting their musical tastes.

    To kick things off, we're proud to honor our Forum Moderators and Alpha Team for their efforts on our behalf. Forum moderation is challenging in the best of cases, but our Forum Moderators have helped ensure that the What.CD forums consistently provide an excellent space for our international membership to conduct civil, inclusive discussions at any level, on any topic. As for the Alpha Team—well, what can be said that isn't made obvious by that full-bodied flavor? Nobody else makes coffee quite like they do. We now offer a hearty thanks to these pillars of the community, and we welcome you to enjoy their picks!


    mubydram's Forum Moderator Pick

    Faraquet - Anthology 1997-98

    Genre: math.rock, post.hardcore

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=219893

    mubydram wrote: Dischord has traditionally been known as a hardcore and post-hardcore label, but they've also dabbled in the math rock genre with satisfying results. [​IMG] Bands like Faraquet take honorable influence from noisy post-hardcore bands like Unwound, but influences of 90s math rock bands like June of 44 and Don Caballero can also be heard in this anthology. Fans of Dischord Records and math rock won't want to miss this.

    horklinator's Forum Moderator Pick

    Bobby McFerrin & Yo-Yo Ma - Hush

    Genre: Classical

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=20030

    Review: A surprisingly good collaboration from two virtuosos of their given instruments. Bobby McFerrin, the master of the voice, and Yo-yo Ma, the master of the cello, combined to perform various pieces, from classical, traditional, and contemporary classical sectors. Some of the McFerrin compositions are quite amazing simply as compositions to begin with, but when the cello and vocal performances are added, they become something even more exciting. More than likely, the main highlight on the album is Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee," which is performed on a dual line by both musicians and allows an ample chance to note the amazing virtuosity of McFerrin, once you can distinguish the voice from the cello (yes, they follow the lines that close). For any fan of either musician, it's a wonderful find of an album.
    - Adam Greenberg

    Coruscating's Forum Moderator Pick

    Nikki Yanofsky - Little Secret

    Genre: Pop, Jazz

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72715549

    Review: In “Little Secret,” Yanofsky recasts her immaculate jazz reputation and takes on the frenetic rhythms, impeccable hooks and less-than-perfect orchestration of today’s soul and R&B.

    “Jeepers Creepers” and “Knock Knock” sound like Christina Aguilera fronting a premier acid-jazz band from the ‘50s. “Waiting on the Sun” and “Bang” belong to the hall of fame of ‘60s classic pop songwriting.

    zoNcaq6j's Forum Moderator Pick

    Various Artists - A Night At The Roxbury

    Genre: Disco, Disco, Dance, Dance, Disco, Disco, Dance, Dance.

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=61516

    Review: If you can listen to Haddaway's 'What is love' without getting a giddy sugar rush... I don't know what kind of person... WHO ARE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?

    radiofred's Forum Moderator Pick

    Electric Masada - At the Mountains of Madness

    Genre: Jazz Fusion, Free Jazz, Metal, Progressive Rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=48748

    Review: Of the ridiculously diverse catalogue that is John Zorn's work, these two performances with Electric Masada are my favorite by quite a wide margin. Everything in this recording is totally on point from start to finish. I could wax hyperbolic for quite some time, but I think it's probably better if you just listen to the record.


    Agathon's Alpha Team Pick

    Gentle Giant - Acquiring the Taste

    Genre: Eclectic Progressive Rock

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=29241

    Review: I listen to this album ever couple years because the music on this album is all over the place. It is stimulating both to emotion and intellect. Often the album seems like unrelated sounds, but when they are blended become music. I'm not a fan of prog rock, but the experimental nature of this album makes it an exception.

    refreshingapathy's Alpha Team Pick

    Various Artists - Ninety Miles

    Genre: jazz, hard.bop, afro.cuban

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72007159

    Review: An album and documentary that explores the path of jazz between Cuba and the US. A truly delightful listen.

    morn's Alpha Team Pick

    Ane Brun - Duets

    Genre: folk, folk.rock, norway

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=36544

    Review: ಠ_ಠ / Never Forget - Love this Norwegian goddess

    defam's Alpha Team Pick

    The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Addicted To Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's Twentieth Century

    Genre: Punk, Cabaret, Klezmer

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=61287

    Review: Allmusic.com wrote: The World/Inferno Friendship Society delight in exploding expectations. A large free-floating collective that has had more than 30 musicians drift in and out of their lineup since they started playing in 1997, they're a punk rock-based band, but klezmer or music from German cabarets of the 1930s is just as likely to turn up as blistering rock noise or a smoking takeoff on the Pogues or Joe Jackson. The 11 tracks here are a bit more punk and slightly less eclectic than previous efforts, but they're still bursting with musical ideas that go off in unexpected directions. Addicted to Bad Ideas is a concept album inspired by the life and films of Peter Lorre, the timid, pinch-faced character actor famous for playing ne'er-do-wells and criminals in M, Casablanca, and The Maltese Falcon. The disc opens with the fractured "Peter Lorre's Overture," adapted from "Peter Lorre" on Just the Best Party. Swooning strings and unexpected horn bleats make it one of the set's most unlikely tracks, a blend of dark circus music and a boozy German cabaret atmosphere. The rest of the album is driven by punk-based energy, with plenty of unexpected touches. "M Is for Morphine" is full of dramatic orchestral stops and starts, and brings to mind Joe Jackson's late-night pop tunes before it slides into a bridge marked by a long snarling fuzz guitar solo from Lucky Strano. "Ich Erinnere Mich an die Weimarer Republik" sounds like a punk rock version of Cab Calloway's band with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano, and accelerates through an arrangement full of shrieking horns and frenetic keyboard work. "Everybody Comes to Rick's" is a burst of vaguely Celtic punk rock that brings to mind Elvis Costello fronting the Pogues. A relentless punk bassline, furious drumming, and slashing guitar send the track into overdrive. "Addicted to Bad Ideas" is a circus/cabaret waltz that laments the imagined life of Lorre, "a prince with a broken soul," who allegedly became a monster to get revenge on the world. The set closes with "Heart Attack '64," a delirious klezmer waltz that imagines Lorre finding peace and happiness on the last day of his life. The giddy clarinet solo that closes the song, and the album, fills your head with visions bright and dark, leaving you spinning in a dark, intoxicating dance down an empty street.

    war10ck's Alpha Team Pick

    Delerium - Music Box Opera

    Genre: Electronic, pop, ambient

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72325614

    Review: Delerium presents their first studio album in six years, Music Box Opera, via Nettwerk Records. The album fuses ambient and cinematic production with soaring vocals courtesy of guest artists Leona Naess, Azure Ray and more. As a member of industrial rock outfits Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, Delerium's creator/brainchild Bill Leeb has sold over 3 million units worldwide and over a million albums in North America with Delerium.

    dewey's Alpha Team Pick

    Caribou - Our Love

    Genre: Electronic, Indie

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72799875

    Review: You leave Our Love a little baffled as to how Snaith came to the conclusion that this was “mind-numbingly simple” music: if it’s not complicated in the overconvergent Siegel modular symbols sense, one of the things that makes it so compelling is its ambiguity – the feeling that you’re never quite sure where it stands. That may doom it as “something for everyone to listen to”. A glance at the Top 40 suggests that what people currently want is something straightforward, and Our Love is anything but. This is rich, strange, endlessly fascinating music: a subtle, beautiful triumph.

    - Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

    tishamunroe's Alpha Team Pick

    Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - We the Common

    Genre: Pop, Folk, Indie

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=72404865

    Review: "We the Common" is an unpredictable, dangerously catchy album that's caused me to wake up with one song or another in my head for more than a week now. It swings, it dives, it scratches all of these funny little itches that come out of nowhere. I truly cannot get these songs out of my mind, which is understandable on one hand because I'm the one reviewing it, but also they're really good songs.
    -- Erin Frank on kdhx.org

    Letranger's Alpha Team Pick

    Megadeth - Killing is my Business... And Business is Good!

    Genre: Thrash Metal

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=55472

    Review: Simply put, Killing is my Business is one of the earliest and greatest thrash metal records ever created. Open your heart to Megadeth and embrace the metal!

    kenixsis' Alpha Team Pick

    Ali Farka Touré - Savane

    Genre: Blues, African

    Torrents: torrents.php?id=85472

    Review: This masterpiece from Mali was finished mere weeks before Toure's death after a long battle with bone cancer. Now widely regarded as the finest album in a rich catalog of work, Savane helped garner worldwide recognition for Mali's favorite son-at home he was accorded a posthumous Commandeur de L'Ordre National du Mali (the country's highest honor) and a state funeral. Quite a send-off for an artist who considered farming his primary call in life. With the ngoni (a traditional African lute and probable precursor to the banjo) to the fore alongside traditional percussion, the sound here is undoubtedly rooted in Malian folk, but the occasional addition of guitar, harmonica, and fiddle also evokes the early blues of Son House and Robert Johnson. Blending the two traditions is the key to the album's unique sound. Elsewhere, subtle country, reggae, and even flamenco influences feed into the mix, at the center of which are Touré's deep, rich vocals, sung in French and various regional dialects. "Savane" is an ode to the drought-hit grasslands of his home, telling of the journey of a man who has left the savannah for urban Europe and of his yearning to return. At a time when the charts are populated with artists whose main gripe is the stress of dealing with their superstar lifestyles, it's no wonder this heartfelt celebration of music and roots-with its pastoral themes and contemporary reinterpretation of traditional folk-shines like a beacon.

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