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News - 16.03.19

Happy 9th Birthday GGn!

Birthday Presents!

As a celebration of the wonderful time we've had this past year and in anticipation of future events yet to come, we have some goodies for everyone! You may have noticed the gift box in this post. Clicking it will award you with a 9th Birthday Gift, containing a **** and ****, as well as two different buffs from a subset of special birthday items. The items offer one-time use only buffs for Upload/Download, Forum Posts, IRC Lines, Gold, and Requests. We hope you get some good use out of them.


To celebrate our birthday, we'd also like to announce a fun new mini-game, where you get to battle various monsters in IRC: #AdventureClub. In this text-based RPG with an attack system similiar to Pokemon, you defeat monsters from different realms in order to increase your experience and to customize your character further. You can also buy or find different attacks and items, and craft more powerful attacks to defeat even the most powerful of monsters.

In order to start playing, you need to be at least Pro Gamer, with a minimum of level 3 attack (250GBs upload), level 3 defense (250GBs download), and level 3 accuracy (100 snatched torrents). If those conditions are met, you can purchase and use #AdventureClub Access from the shop. After that, you can purchase attacks and use them to have them permanently added to your character. Learned attacks and skills can then be equipped and unequipped, to a maximum of four being active at the same time. After that, hop into #AdventureClub in IRC to give those monsters a whack!

You can read a more in-depth explanation of the system in the AdventureClub Intro wiki article, explaining additional concepts such as attributes, backpacks, and status effects. The mode is still new, and so we're looking to expand it with even more exciting features in the future!

Seedtime FL Tokens

Starting up in GGn can be daunting and it's often not easy to build up a healthy ratio to download the games you want. We've implemented a new system that should make it easier to work towards a sustainable seeding base by awarding freeleech tokens based on seedtime. This measure is specifically geared towards new users and users with a small seeding base, but everyone will be able to profit from it. By rewarding longterm seeding, it should have a positive effect on retainability and tracker health in general.

There are two milestones to be met in this system: a seeding time of 3 months and a seeding time of 8 months.

Once 5 torrents have been seeded for 3 month, a freeleech token will be awarded. Every time that number is doubled, there will be an additional token awarded. So for 10 torrents, there would be 2, for 20 torrents there would be 3 tokens, etc. There will also be a second token once these torrents are seeded for 8 months, again providing an additional token each time the amount of torrents is doubled. However, only torrents where at least 1GB of data was downloaded will qualify to reward FL tokens.

Users can view their own progress on the overwiew page that is linked in everyone's profile next to their FL tokens.

This system will be fully turned on at Mar 17th 2019.

Mephisto Removed From Recognized P2P List

We're trying to ensure that everyone gets the highest quality game releases possible. One of the ways we stay comitted to that goal is our List of Recognized P2P Groups, who are privileged by some uploading rules. These groups have demonstrated in the past that they can offer value beyond simple homerips, be it smaller size, additional content, or a large and reliable output of working releases that can be cross-seeded to various other places.

However, we've recently investigated the releases of one such group: Mephisto. These releases generally do not offer any additional content over other uploads, being often simple repacks of already uploaded scene releases with no additional advantage. Further, we've noticed that they quite often contain incorrect language information in their NFO's or release name, either by omitting some or even listing languages that they don't contain. As such, many of their uploads are currently incorrectly labeled and we cannot confirm that any of their releases in the future would contain the languages their NFO would promise. This is clearly not up to the standards of other P2P groups.

Due to that and their restrained popularity, we've taken the decision to remove Mephisto from the list of recgonized P2P groups. Effective immediately, all their uploads will be treated as home rips.

Of course, the contents of these repacks may still be uploaded, but they will no longer enjoy the protection of their former P2P status, and will now have to adhere to all homerip rules (i.e. no split archives nor custom installers).

Finally, we'd like to give a small reminder that we changed the way the Accuracy (Snatched) achievement is calculated two weeks ago, now requiring at least 30 days seedtime.

With all that said, I hope you'll be able to join us in celebrating our 9th birthday. A toast to another wonderful year towards our 10 year anniversary!

GGn Staff

By posztoló

News - 02.03.19

The Accuracy (Snatched) achievement has now been updated to require 30 days seedtime.

By posztoló

Rule Changes & New Staff - 30.01.19

Hello GGn community! Over the past years, we've seen a lot of continued activity, with many new uploads every day. However, we felt that one of the main sources for new PC content, GOG, was subject to outdated rules. In order to improve the experience for both downloading and uploading GOG games, we're going to make some significant changes to these rules.

GOG Rule Changes

Starting today, only the files providing ingame content should be uploaded in a GOG main torrent as before. Other bonus content sold with the game (such as an OST or manual) should instead be uploaded in the new GameDOX -> GOG Goodies category. We hope that this change will make it easier for users to download games as well as save valuable space for everyone.

To prevent unnecessary trumping and the loss of uploads for our hard-working users, these changes have no retroactive effect. Any torrents uploaded before January 30th, 2019 will not be affected by these rule changes and will remain on site. To further prevent duplicate content, new torrents only containing GOG goodies may not be uploaded if the latest GOG version on site already has those goodies bundled.

A more detailed explanation with a complete list of rule changes can be found in the aptly named Rule & Wiki Changelog.

New Staff

With great pleasure we'd also like to introduce two new staff members. You may have already seen them around giving advice, checking off torrent groups, or keeping the forums clean and shiny. Please welcome our new Torrent Moderator ********* and our new Community Moderator *********. You will find them on the Staff Page and they are happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

We're still looking for PS4 and retro (DOS, Atari, etc.) TMs. If you are interested and believe you'd make a good candidate, please consider sending in your application. For more information on what is required and how to apply, please visit the latest TM Hiring thread.

With the growing activity and needs of the site also comes a lot of work behind the scenes to keep the servers running and to provide everyone the best experience. We'd like to announce our new administrator, Mandos, who is going to be extra dedicated in keeping our hamsters running and well hydrated.

GGn Staff

By posztoló

News - 19.01.19

Global Freeleech is enabled!

By posztoló

Content Filter & Snatched Achievement - 18.01.19

Hey GazelleGames community! Our dedicated developers have come up with some new and exciting site features and changes, which we'd like to outline below.

Site Content Filter

We're expanding our adult filter to a more comprehensive and more powerful general content filter. Previously, the "adult filter" simply omitted any games tagged with adult from the search results and when browsing games. The new extended content filter will now apply to the entire site, including collections, requests, global freeleech pots, and even snatch and download histories. Further, when visiting a group that contains filtered tags, a warning page will be displayed instead, with the option to confirm whether you actually want to view that group.

The filter consists of distinct categories, each filtering based on one or more group or collection tags. The filtered tags can be viewed by hovering over the respective categories. There is now also the option for users to set their own custom tags, which can be combined with various categories or used as an alternative, and will function in the same way.

Because of the changes, the settings for all users have been reset, and filters nudity by default. The new nudity filter works exactly like the old adult filter did before. So if you had the adult filter enabled previously and don't want any changes, then there's nothing that needs to be done. As before, the options can be found in the user settings and can be changed freely.

Changes to the Accuracy (Snatched) Achievement

The various stages of the Accuracy achievement, increasing with the number of unique snatches, can currently be gained too easily by simply snatching a large number of torrents all at once. Due to the lax requirements, it is possible to quickly obtain a higher user class without much effort. As a measure, we will change the achievement to only count snatches that have been seeded for a minimum of 30 days. This won't make it harder on regular users, but will ensure that achievement points cannot be rushed as easily.

These changes will go live on March 1st. Once those changes take effect, snatches that don't meet the required 30 days seeding time will not be taken into consideration for the achievement. It's possible to be demoted to a lower class due to these changes, so make sure to seed your snatches!

To help everyone out who may not currently meet this requirement, we will be holding a 48 hour global freeleech this weekend. If you need to redownload your snatches to seed them more, now is your chance!

GGn Staff

By posztoló

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